What to expect

At the first consulation an osteopath will take a very extensive and detailed medical history. This is an important part of finding out about the health of that person and looks at the cause of the current symptoms. The osteopath will ask questions about general health, past medical history, injuries and accidents.



The osteopath will carry out a detailed physical examination. This includes a postural assessment, joint mobility testing, palpation and other standard medical tests if indicated.


Diagnosis and treatment

A diagnosis will be made and this will be discussed with the patient along with a treatment plan and other options.

The amount of treatments required will depend on the condition and the person being treated. The aim is to keep your appointments to a minimum.

On average people require three to five sessions but this is a guide line only.


Treatment fees

Currently treatment fees per session are:


Adults - £55

Babies / children - £48


Osteopathy is recognised by most major insurance comapanies including Simply Health and WHA. Please contact your provider if you are unsure.