Clinic Policy for Coronavirus Management


I am pleased to be able to open my clinic and provide a service to my patients.

I welcome back existing patients of the practice and say hello to new ones.

In order to operate a clinic that is safe for my patients and for myself I have implemented new protocols and procedures.


Patient Screening


All patients will be screened before making an appointment.

I will discuss with you the nature of your problem and we can decide if treatment is necessary.

You will be asked if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or been in recent contact with anyone who has:   High temperature/fever

                                                              New or persistent cough

                                                              Loss of smell/taste

Patients must inform the clinic if this situation changes .

Also, if within 3 days of having an appointment you develop these symptoms you must inform the clinic immediately.


If you are feeling unwell for any reason other than the problem you are seeing me for..cold/ sickness please cancel your appointment. It is important to keep on top of any viral/bacterial transmission.


Clinic Hygiene/Cleaning


In order to stop the spread of infection the clinic room will be cleaned in between each patient visit.

Hard surfaces and the treatment couch will be wiped down with disinfectant agents.

Linen pillow cases have been replaced  with ones that can be wiped down.

Any towels that may be used will be for individual use.

You will be asked to use hand sanitiser on arrival/departure. This will be provided but you are also welcome to use your own.

Windows will be left open during the session depending on temperature outside.

Windows and the door will be opened after the session to aerate the room.




I will be wearing appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) to carry out your treatment.

This will be single use nitrile gloves/plastic apron and a fluid resistant surgical face mask.

Patients are asked to wear a 3 layer face mask as per Welsh government guidelines.


Social Distancing


The Caban itself is closed at the present time to the public.

Entrance will be through the  clinics outside door which is next to the main entrance to the Caban.

Appointment times have been staggered to avoid patient contact with each other.


There will be no waiting area so it is important that you arrive on time and not early/late.

If you do arrive early then please wait in your car.

If you arrive late I will not be able to give you the full appointment time as I need to clean/aerate the room in between patients.




Please note that although there are strict hygiene measures in place and PPE will be used there is still a small risk of virus transmission due to the close nature of the work and the amount of time spent together.

I have put these new procedures into place and hope to keep both you and myself safe.

I thank you for your help with all of this.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact me either by email or by phone 01286 685480.